by PREPahontaz


PrEPahHontoz Tipi (Height 9ft X Width 9ft) With support from the American Indian Community House, Office of Minority Health Resource Center, Indian Health Service, Whitney Museum of Art, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Gofundme Donors, Individual Artists, and Volunteers we launched an effective native community level intervention. 2018 Tipi Project Winter: Waníyetu Wakáǧa Wipátȟapi in lakota means "Produce Tipi Covers Winter." Tipi's made in 2018 are a living "Winter Count" when they are erected. We place a red AIDS ribbon over the Tipi door for this reason. These tipis have "Winter Counts" created and placed upon them which tell stories of the HIV/AIDS movement from the Native American community of NYC and Nationally. PrEPahHontoz along with volunteers from the American Indian Community House produced pictorial images which were hand printed onto the tipis. AICH members will eventually create silk-screens which can print onto any substrate. Were using this project to highlight the importance to learning about safe behaviors, increase public discourse about HIV risk, and increase community based health promotion activities available to Native Americans and Allies. This project provides a culturally competent approach at data collection and combats stigma by opening the dialogue around a history of events that affected the native community specifically around HIV/AIDS. On December 5th, 2017 we highlighted the PrEPahHontoz Tipi Project during NMAC's Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit in New Orleans, LA.

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