American Indian Community House leads the way for elders living with HIV

AICH Healthy Elders Network is dedicated to the thriving and wellness of people living with HIV over 50

News Release

American Indian Community House

With HIV infections plummeting by 71% due to the tremendous success of PrEP the once a day pill that can prevent HIV infection, funders are lining up to prioritize the funding of HIV prevention programs. According to kff.org, billions of dollars were spent in the United States on HIV Prevention in 2019, and in the non-profit world - prevention is considered the "cure." But what about People Living With HIV (PLWH)? More over, what about the stigmatizing social, political, spiritual, and mental side effects of HIV that no pill treats? Where are the programs focusing on holistic wellness for those thriving, and surviving HIV? New York's American Indian Community House is creating such crucial and life changing programming.

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