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Requests for Speakers, Presenters, Performers, etc:

The American Indian Community House is comprised of, and maintained by, volunteer staff and as such, is limited in availability. Requests for speakers, presenter, panelists, performers and other forms of public engagement is something that has to be distributed to a wider network of members of the Native American Community in NYC. When it comes to accommodating speakers, please consider that the presenters are taking time from their primary living, and making an effort to travel to the venue. Some locations outside of the five boroughs can be very difficult to access. With this in mind, understand that while some members of the staff and community might be able and willing to help pro-bono, not many are able to do so. Also consider donating to the American Indian Community House in lieu of per diem or honorariums, to help ensure that we can keep a network resource location strong and vibrant. No matter what level of compensation is agreed upon between our community members and requester, please understand that cost for a meal and travel should be assumed by the requester.

Volunteer Services Referral Coordinator:

We now have a volunteer Health and Social Services Coordinator working two days per week.  The Coordinator can provide information on accessing emergency health care, Medicaid or Medicare applications, and referrals to case management and health care navigator services.  Please contact Johanna Brown (Chickasaw) via the form below for more information.

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