Census 2020

The American Indian Community House has been granted the rare opportunity to part of the Census 2020 campaign. It is our goal to make sure that the Native American Community of NYC is properly represented, and that the indigenous peoples of New York City are fully, and accurately counted.

The Census efforts would determine many things from seats of representation in the federal government to federal aid to schools, housing, and the job market. Many changes could come about for the Native American, First Nations, and Indigenous communities commit to letting the Federal Government know that we are more than just a small percentage, but a vital, active part of every urban infrastructure.

We are calling on NYC Natives to complete the 2020 Census and to illustrate that in an epicenter of colonization, this is still Indigenous land, this is still our home.

Join the Team

AICH has been recognized as a community organization by the NY Regional Census, and as such will do outreach at community events, and digital, telecommunications, and social media channels. 


Text Campaign

Join our texting party and reach out to members of the community. Get a cchance to win cool prizes



Show your  Census 2020 Experience, tell us why the Census is important to you.



Reach out, let others know what the census is about and why it's important for you and the Community

Take the Census Now


Under-counted and Misrepresented

The American Indian, Native American, First Nations, and Indigenous Peoples are at most at risk for inaccurate data representation. Native people make up about 2% of the total U.S. population or approximately 5.6 million people. Like many communities, this is an undercount. This undercount results in Native Communities are underfunded and misrepresented.


American Indians and Alaska Natives who complete the census are contributing to more accurate data about us and improving distribution of funding toward important programs which impact housing, education, healthcare, transportation, and many others.

The Census has already started, and has been extended into the summer. Now is our chance to stand up and be counted.



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