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Lance Richmond is Mohawk, Bear Clan.  My parents are David Richmond and Rosemary Martin of Akwesasne.  We moved to the Mohawk community on State Street in downtown Brooklyn in 1975.  Soon after my parents began working at the American Indian Community House with my mother ending up spending 35+ years as the Executive Director of AICH before her retirement in 2008.  As a result, I had the fortune of growing up around AICH and NYC’s native community.  I have served on the board for 8 years.


I was a founding member of the Silvercloud Singers in 1991 with lead singer Kevin Tarrant and was fortunate to travel the United States including Alaska as well as Brazil with the drum group. I also grew up as a member of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers directed by Louis Mofsie and was honored to travel to Japan with them for three weeks in 1992.  With the support, talent, and assistance of the AICH community, I was able to direct two short films in the mid 1990’s that were accepted to 9 different native film festivals including two at the American Indian Film Institute in San Francisco.  I am an enrolled member of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe.


I am currently in my 20th year working at Columbia University in Information Technology Management.   

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