About Us

American Indian Community House (AICH) was founded in 1969, by Native American volunteers as a community-based organization, mandated to improve the status of Native Americans, and to foster inter-cultural understanding.

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AICH is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization serving the needs of Native Americans residing in New York City.

Our Mission

The mission of American Indian Community House (AICH) is to improve and promote the well-being of the American Indian Community and to increase the visibility of American Indian cultures in an urban setting in order to cultivate awareness, understanding and respect.


Our Community

The AICH community is currently composed of Native Americans from 72 different tribes. Native American migration between urban centers and reservations demonstrates the inter-relatedness of all Native Americans, and from this reality emerges the recognition that our issues and concerns are truly shared.

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AICH Staff

Ben Geboe

Executive Director

Yankton Sioux

Patricia Tarrant

Deputy Director
Mandan and Hidatsa

Board of Directors 2020-21

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George Stonefish

no pronouns

Delaware Lenape First Nation

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Renee Hunter


Shinnecock Nation

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Frances Grumbley


Mohawk of Akwesasne

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Lance Richmond


Mohawk of Akwesasne

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Mary Brown she/her/hers

Cherokee Nation Citizen 


Betty Lyons



Jennifer Kreisberg