Voting Membership Application

Registration is open year round.

1) Download and fill out our application in either Word format or in PDF format.

2) Email a copy of one of the five Criteria for Voting Membership to or fax to 212.598.4909.

3) Pay a small processing fee* of $10.00 through our PayPal account.

4) Sit back and wait for processing. You will be contacted by a Board member or the Executive Director to be notified of their decision.

Become a Voting Member of the American Indian Community House. Voting Membership is based on several possible criteria and is approved by the Board of Directors. Voting Members are welcome to participate in the many programs and activities of AICH and are entitled to vote for and serve on the Board of Directors.

Family members are encouraged to join AICH and must apply on separate forms. Youth under 18 may apply at any age and, if approved, Voting Membership cards will be issued upon their 18th birthday.

Current Board Members

  • Joy Tonepahhote, (Kiowa / Mayan) Chairperson 
  • Lance Richmond, (Mohawk / Akwesasne) Vice Chair 
  • Frances Grumbly, (Mohawk / Akwesasne) Secretary 
  • Rick Chavolla, (Kumeyaay)Treasurer 

  • Sam Beeler, (Cherokee)
  • Caresse Gullo, (Cherokee)
  • Renee Hunter, (Shinnecock)
  • Cynthia Kent, (Southern Ute)
  • Muriel Miguel (Kuna/Rappahanock)
  • John Richardson (Haliwa-Saponi)
  • Tohanash Tarrant (Shinnecock/Hopi/Ho-Chunk)

*The processing fee covers the price of material used to create the membership cards as well as postage.

  • Joy Tonepahhote Chairperson (Kiowa / Mayan)
  • Lance Richmond, Vice Chair (Mohawk / Akwesasne)
  • Frances Grumbly, Secretary (Mohawk / Akwesasne)
  • Danielle Soames-Kleiner Treasurer (Mohawk / Kahnawake)
  • Muriel Miguel (Kuna/Rappahanock)
  • Donna Couteau (Sac and Fox of Oklahoma)
  • Pena Bonita (Apache)
  • Renee Hunter,  (Shinnecock)
  • Grace Bulltail (Crow / Hidatsa / Arikara)
  • Ben Geboe,  (Sioux)
  • Tohanash Tarrant (Shinnecock/Hopi/HoChunk)