Within the languages of the Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere, we have words and phrases which translate into English as “all my relations” and “we are all related.”  These relationships extend beyond human beings.

Within the world of beings we are merely the human beings. As human beings we depend upon the relationships that we create with the rest of creation for our survival, sustenance, and success. Likewise, our human interactions are informed by the relationships which we build amongst our relatives from all areas of mother earth.

The four cardinal colors that make up the world of beings and which represent the four cardinal directions of Indian Country are red, white, yellow and black. These colors also symbolize the four basic groups of humanity living on mother earth. Here at AICH we respect and honor all that makes humanity unique and we seek out relatives who are of – like hearts and like minds who are committed to pulling in the same direction. This allows us focus upon the rich tapestry that makes up humanity.

To this end we have established collegial relationships with many sister organizations which enable the collective to more effectively serve the constituent clients of urban America. While we enjoy strong and long term relationships with the following we are constantly striving to build new bridges of understanding and cooperation. Won’t you join us in helping to build a brighter future for all of our relations?