Performing Arts

The American Indian Community House promotes Native American performing artists and provides a performance space and audience for music, dance, and drama that is written, directed and produced or performed by indigenous artists. The Arts Program handles assignments and referrals for traditional and contemporary Native American actors, actresses, dancers, models, musicians and speakers.

Along with daily artist management, the Arts Program produces an annual Actors Showcase to which agents, directors, and producers are invited. In addition, the Performing Arts Department hosts performances and cultural events throughout the year with special programs occurring seasonally.

If you are interested in booking a Native American performing artist or an allied artist please contact us. Browse the American Indian roster of Performing and Allied Artists to see a head-shot and additional information about some of our member artists.

Native American Actors Showcase

Each year, the Arts Program produces a Native American Actors Showcase, which is attended by agents, casting directors and other theater professionals. New York City is a magnet for performing artists of all ethnicity and this includes Indigenous Peoples from throughout the Americas who come to pursue careers on stage and screen. While the American Indian Community House affords these artists support and a venue for their work, it also provides the New York theatrical community visible access to a basically untapped resource for talent.

The Showcase features Native actors in both traditional and non-traditional roles. Professionally directed, the Showcase always creates a buzz. If you are a documented Native actor living in New York City, don't miss out.

Become eligible to audition for the next Native American Actors Showcase. Registration with the American Indian Community House also allows the Arts Program to submit actors for auditions for stage, television, and film. Irene Bedard, Chaske Spencer, Sheila Tousey and Greg Zaragoza are just a few of the actors who got their start with the Performing Arts Department at the American Indian Community House.

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