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Native American Artist Showcase

The Circle is a versatile space located within the center of the American Indian Community House. At the heart of the daily operations, it serves as a communal gathering place, as well as a show space.

It's used for performances, readings, workshops, classes, lectures, and social gatherings. In addition, it also provides space for cultural events and spiritual celebrations. Over the years, it has hosted various Native American performers including Floyd Westerman, John Trudell, the Thunderbird Dancers, Silvercloud Singers, Spiderwoman Theater, Ulali and others.

Finally, the Circle is air conditioned, has its own sound/lighting booth, is equipped with its own sound and lighting systems, and can be rented by various cultural and professional organizations (depending on availability).

For more information regarding rental of the space, please contact the Facility Manager at Facilities.

AICH maintains contact with American Indian artists from various disciplines. Our performing artists include many performers that have earned movie credits and received awards for their performances. Some of the indegenous artists groups that received their initial exposure in the Circle include "Ulali" and "Spider Woman Theater". Many of our artists are not only recognized within the USA but perform or exhibit outside the USA in Canada and Europe. While some may choose to move on and live in other states, they remain in close contact with AICH not only as a continued source of job referral but as a tie to the American Indian community.

We can refer artists for performance venues, panel participants, keynote speakers, master classes, school presentations and private commissions of art works.

If you are interested in booking a Native American performing artist or or commissioning an allied artist please contact

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