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October 9, 2014


Dear Voting Member:



The AICH Annual Membership meeting is scheduled for:


Monday, October 20, 2013, 6:00 PM


Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM

Presentations will begin at 7:00PM

Voting will begin at 8:00 PM


Door Prizes at 8:30


Nominees for Board Member positions will address the membership.


Nominees other than those on the Board Slate: There will be nominations allowed from the floor at the Elections. The Nominees must be a member in good standing. They must be nominated by a member in good standing and have a 2nd to the nomination by a member in good standing.


If you do not participate either in person or by absentee ballot for a period of two consecutive years, you will be dropped from the active membership list. To reactivate your membership, you only need to attend and vote.


We look forward to seeing you at Annual Membership Meeting.




The AICH Board Election Committee

American Indian Community House

Annual Meeting

October 20, 2014


There are 5 seats on the Board of Directors to be filled

either by re-election or election.


Running for re-election:


Renee hunter (Shinnecock)

Muriel Miguel (Kuna/Rappahanock)


Running for election:


Cynthia Kent (Southern Ute)

Rick Chavolla {Kumeyaay San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians)

Maggie Rice (Pawnee)

American Indian Community House, Inc.

Annual Membership Meeting

Monday October 20, 2014



Election Procedures



Election Committee:

2 Community Members (Elected from the floor)

2 Volunteers from AICH Staff

2 Members of the Board of Directors



The election Committee is responsible for registering voting members, distribution of ballots and tallying of votes.


Voting: When voting for candidates nominated either by the Board or otherwise, only vote for the number of candidates indicated on the ballot by inserting an X alongside the name of the candidate(s) selected.

Voting for more than the number of slots to be filled will void your entire ballot and none of your votes will be counted At this writing them are five (5) slots to be filled.



Your ballot will have a number in the upper right comer, which will be removed by the election committee when your ballot is returned prior to tallying. Please do not remove this number yourself. Please be assured that there will be no way to connect the number and your ballot within seconds of it being turned in.


Eligibility: In order to serve on the Board of Directors, all nominees must be Voting members, in good standing, of AICH. Please refer to membership roster. AICH employees or members of their immediate families cannot serve as Board Members. Immediate family means: mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughters, or in laws of the same relationship.


PLEASE NOTE: Voting for people who are not voting members or who are ineligible to serve will invalidate your entire ballot.


Quorum: A minimum of I 0% of the voting membership must be present in person and/or by absentee ballot in order for the meeting to occur.

Annual Membership Meeting

October 20, 2014




2014-Absentee Ballot 2014-Absentee Ballot (163 KB)


Running for re-election:


__ Renee Hunter (Shinnecock)

2014-Nominee R-Hunter 2014-Nominee R-Hunter (92 KB)

__ Muriel Miguel (Kuna/Rappahanock)

2014-Nominee M-Miguel 2014-Nominee M-Miguel (215 KB)


Running for election:

__ Cynthia Kent (Southern Ute)

2014-Nominee C-Kent 2014-Nominee C-Kent (177 KB)

__ Rick Chavolla (Kumeyaay San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians)

2014-Nominee R-Chavolla 2014-Nominee R-Chavolla (202 KB)

__  Maggie Rice (Pawnee)

2014-Nominee M-Rice 2014-Nominee M-Rice (116 KB)